Sunday, 1 May 2011

Win your dream wedding gown for £250.00 - Entry Number 4

Angela McGarva & Lee Young

Wedding Details: 16th July 2011 Glasgow

Angela Says: 

"Me and Hubby 2 be where good friends for a long time he was living in peterhead at the time, and our friendship just blossomed into us being a couple now, Lee was down in kilmarnock visiting his family and came over to see me when we finally admitted we both had feelings for each other and within 3 weeks he was down back living with his mum so we could be a loving happy couple, so time passed and me and the bf where still living with the parents and he is a very shy quiet guy, so valentines day came our 1st one together and he took me to frankie and bennys in silverburn, and then said we would go a wee run after that, as wee always done most nights, but this nyt we went to a different wee bit from we normaly stopped at, we had been sitting fr about 10mins n he knocked my stuff off the dashboard all annoyed i bent down to pick it up, and lee said oh whats that, sitting there and there was the box sitting with a stunning ring in it and he said "so lets make our 1st valentines together a rememberal one, will u marry me" i just burst out cryin and said yes, then cldnt wait to get home to tell my mum :) x

I feel I should win this dress as I ordered mine of a website online, and they are now uncontactable and my wedding in in a few months, I have tried to claw m y money back from the other site but unfort its harder than first thought as i never done my payment using paypal was straight out my bank to them, so i am now struggling to get money aside to get a new dress due to me being made redundant :( xx please please put me forward to win this dress :D x"

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  1. I think Angela should win as she has already lost one dress and her money and that is heartbreaking, and she is struggling to find the money to replace the dress, so i think she should win :), good luck Angela & Lee

  2. I think Angela should win as it is totally terrible that she was defrauded the way she was!!! There are some terrible people out there - how can you do that to someone especially with wedding dresses!!! A wedding dress is a girls dream and Angela's has been so cruelly taken from her :( xx

  3. thank u so much fr the messages girls xx My bank is now in pursue for my money back so heres hoping :D xx