Sunday, 1 May 2011

Win your dream wedding gown for £250.00 - Entry Number 2

Charlie Dudley & Sam Edgeway 

Wedding details :  Ivory Rooms, Essex on 24th November 2012.

Charlie Says:

"I would love to win this competition, me and Sam got together 3 years ago after meeting in a club, I already had a 1year old daughter. He took her on as his own from day one as her "father" wanted nothing to do with her, last summer we had a beautiful daughter Tia, he also adopted my eldest Ellie, and she changed her name to his. He even went and had her name tattoed on him just to show how much she means to him! 
We got engaged last year at his surprise birthday I threw for him, he got down on one knee in front of 100 of our friends and family. My dad was delighted as he'd even gone to him for permission first!
We have struggled financially a lot as I left my job 2 weeks before finding out I was expecting, he lost his job at the same time too. 
We are currently living away from each other to save up some money for the wedding!! It would be a dream if we did win one of your amazing dress's as that would be a weight of our shoulders.
Thanks xx"
If you would like Charlie to win her dream wedding dress for £250.00 then tell us why in the comments section below.
Also please remember to vote for her via Facebook where the votes will be counted.
 Here is Charlie's Link:  Charlies Facebook Photo

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  1. Im backing this couple 100%! I know them both very well, and can vouch that they are a genuine and special couple. They mean the world to me and id love it if she won one of these amazing dresses! GET VOTING PEOPLE!!