Sunday, 1 May 2011

Win your dream wedding gown for £250.00 - Entry Number 5

Hiedi Price & Wayne Tucker

Wedding Details: November 11th 2011 

Hiedi Says:

"I don't have a sob story to tell or a fairytale full of love & dreams I
live a "normal" down to earth life.
I work as a carer for an elderly woman with dementia which is pretty much 24 7.
We  met in March 2009 was out on a night out was freezing cold and being a true
gentleman wayne offered me his jacket
We  fell in love very quickly after both coming out of long relationships
neither of us have been married before.
The night Wayne asked me to marry him we were sat in
the lounge and he got the ring out and got down on one knee
I cried for hours! He had asked my parents and got permission it was so sweet.
As soon as I met Wayne I knew I wanted to marry him I will feel like the
luckiest woman alive once we are married and it would mean so much to
me if I could have one of these beautiful dresses from My Big Fat Gorgeous Wedding
Thank you for reading my story and good luck to everyone xxxxxxx"

If you would like Hiedi to win her dream wedding dress for £250.00 then tell us why in the comments section below.
Also please remember to vote for her via Facebook where the votes will be counted.
Here is Hiedi's link:  Hiedi's Facebook Photo


  1. Hi,
    I've been working closely with Hiedi for her wedding and over the past few weeks and I have also I have come to know her as a friend. I know that marrying Wayne means more to her then anything as he really is her true love. They are working on a tight budget and I think Hiedi winning the wedding dress would really make everything perfect. Many of the people who know Hiedi will agree with me when I say that she truly is a angel who is also taking time out of her day to help people so I would like to return the favour by voting for her to win the beautiful dress we all know she deserves.


  2. Although I am Hiedis mum I can honsetly say she deserves this...she is so hardworking by caring round the clock ....Also the way Wayne was when he proposed he asked her dad in such a way it was a proud moment they deserve the best for thier big day and I know she would be frilled to win this..shes got my proud mother

  3. Hiedis story is lovely

  4. Hiedi is lovely, caring girl. We know each other from work and I am very happy to know her. I can confirm, that she really helps to people and care about them - I am one of them.
    I wish her from all my heart to win this.
    She deserves all happiness in the world

  5. hiedi is my long term mate from school, if anyone deserves to win a dress its her. shes done alot for me and i would do anything to help her have her dream wedding, she deserves all the happiness in the world and winning a dream dress and having wayne as her husband is all that she cud ask for. all her family are proud of her and wayne and as her good mate im also proud of her. she deserve all the happiness in the world. shes got my vote and also she has my fiances vote we both wish her the very best of luck x x x

  6. Hiedi deserves to look stunnig down the isle she is such a caring person and gives everything to look after Glad and deserves to have alittle bit of luck her way!

  7. Hiedi is such a lovely girl she is kinmd caring cinsiderat and is just generally an overall nice woman she really does deserve this and would look smashing in one of your dresses.Best of luck to you both you both deserve this!xxx

  8. My sister and Wayne really deserve to win this they are the one of the most caring two people I know my sister will look so lovely in her dress she has already lost a lot of weight to look lovely in her dress.I noticed in her story she also hasnt mentioned taht her and Wayne have been trying for a baby for quite a while now but no luck yet.I know that planning her wedding has taken her mind of it a lot so please please vote for my sister!

  9. lovely story hope you win!sounds like you deserve it!

  10. I couldnt think of two worthier people to win this you two are made for each other!Godd luck

  11. I hope you win this Hiedi your my world I love you to bits dont know what I would do without you although you dont need a dress to make you look beutifull know that it means a lot to you to have a dress like this cant wait to be married to you xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Please vote for Hiedi and Wayne they really are great people have helped me out no end it would be a dream come true for them!

  13. heidi your a lovly bubbly carring person who puts others bevore her self , i wish you well with this compoetition and have everything crossed for you as you deserve that lovly dream wedding dress best of luck xx

  14. Hiedi you really are one of my best friends you really deserve to win this dress you give so much to other people you will look stunning walking down that isle I hope wayne realises how lucky he is to have you!love always!