Sunday, 1 May 2011

Win your dream wedding gown for £250.00 - Entry Number 3

Ruth Park & John Zokas

Wedding Details : August 2012,  Crowwood Hotel,  Muirhead Glasgow

Ruth says:

The reason why I think I should win the wedding competition is because I have been a follower of your site since I got engaged (Jan 2011) and I love your site and the dresses. I think you provide great value dresses and they are gorgeous. Also iIam on a tight budget and it would be the dream to win the wedding dress. It's hard these days as everything is so expensive and you also have a house and bills etc.
If I won the competition then i will have more of budget to buy bridesmaid dresses and get them their dream dresses as well :0)
The whole wedding experience has been a blast and so excited that I still have over a year to go of more planning. To win the dress would complete my experience of planning my dream wedding.
I don't have a sob story and nothing bad has happened to me I am just an excited girl who is in love and wants to win her dream dress.
Thanks, Ruth x"

If you would like Ruth to win her dream wedding dress for £250.00 then tell us why in the comments section below.
Also please remember to vote for her via Facebook where the votes will be counted.
Here is Ruth's link: Ruth's Facebook Photo


  1. Ruthy is an exceptional person, she goes out her way to help people and is a very dedicated, caring and trustworthy friend. She has met her fiance John (the man of her dreams) and they are incredible together. Ruth deserves the most perfect wedding and this would be the absolute icing on the cake for her.

  2. Ruth spends a lot of her time fundraising for charities and deserves a little bit of magic in her life. It would make her day to win this competition and have her dream dress. She has worked so hard to organise their perfect day and a fairytale dress would just be the icing on the cake.

  3. Ruth and John are a lovely couple and are looking forward to their big day next year! I am Ruth's older sister and she deserves a dream dress from yourselves as planning this wedding since the day they got engaged she has been so happy like a child let loose in a sweet shop!

    Ruth and John are not going overboard for wedding, just saving what they can to make their day extra special however winning this dress would take pressure off them both.

    As Ruth's big sister I just want her to have the best for her special day xx

  4. Hope Ruth wins as it would be fab ... :) Leah x

  5. Hope you win

  6. Fingers crossed

  7. Ruth's an absolute doll, she's sweet and funny and definitely deserves to be married in her dream dress!
    Claire D xx

  8. Ruth is a very selfless person always working hard fundraising and organising different charity events. Her and John are a great couple and deserve a little in return for all that they do for others! x


  9. Ruth and John are the real deal, they are friends as well as partners and I think it is really sweet that Ruth isnt going for a pretentious wedding but is instead making the day about her and John, and what they can afford. Winning this dress would mean so much to them, Ruth is always looking out for other people, she is sweet and fun and I would love to see her get something back!
    Lynz xx