Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Well I might as well inform you that the quote "My Big Fat..." is going to be hugely over used in this site!
I just thought it was cute & catchy! :)
So...where to begin...I'm a happily married mummy of one and just L.O.V.E everything to do with weddings and all that they are associated with.
I would love to be a wedding planner but have neither the time nor the capital to get out there and get it done at the mo! (hint hint Mr Fat & Gorgeous!!) hehe.
So it is my aim, in the meantime, to source all of the most divine wedding gowns and accessories the world has to offer.
I will not, however, be dealing in hugely overpriced, low quality products. I promise to only ever provide you with the best little lovelies I can find.
I will be adding to this site as my portfolio progresses. There are always options available for reducing prices etc...just ask (I don't bite...much!)
Due to the success of my Facebook page, I have decided that upon reaching 2500 beautiful followers that I will have a competition of some description so keep watching this space - especially all you Brides to Be xxxx

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